Space Bar, allows players to jump.
Forge as a source of glass used to cast the following items, each one will produce.8 lb of glass.
The infected die within 7 days and soon reanimate becoming blood-thirsty zombies.
Using the Mouse scroll while not aiming down the sight of a Weapon or using the map will allow you to cycle through the Toolbelt to select a desired slot.However these options are only available to the creator of the Door poker statistics free or chest.Holding down with some Weapons will show a wheel menu to load alternate ammunition types. .Holding down the E Key over player crafted Doors or Chests will activate the option icons used to lock or unlock it and to input, create or change the Doors password.A Beaker is used as cookware.PC players have specific keybinds that can be changed in the game's options as well as other controls such as mouse sensitivity and inversion, video and audio settings.Left clicking while using a pipe bomb will light the fuse (use right click to throw!).This allows the player to look around casino jackpot wheel in all directions.In addition to being used to turn left or right while moving either forward or backwards with the W and S keys.Essentially a scoreboard that will give you information regarding the players currently on the server, Zombie kills, player kills, deaths, score and ping.

No one believed it; nobody expected it and nothing can stop it!Used to open the Map, used to drop an active item from the toolbelt.A17 experimental beta now available!Ironically, the Apache word Navezgane means Killer of Monsters, and kill you will as you fight, scrap, craft, salvage and fortify your way to survive looking for the truth behind what really happened.Used to open a Door or search a container.It is also possible to sneak up on a zombie to attack them.Used to control Weapon and Map_Menu zoom or to cycle the Toolbelt.Staying crouched while looting is slower but give players a better chance of doing so undetected.There are no guarantees of performance or reliability with your dedicated server.Used to switch on/off the Flashlight.Pricing is subject to change throughout development stages.As of Alpha 8 a Beaker is now used in the recipe to create Grain Alcohol As of Alpha 10 a Beaker is now used in the recipe to create Bio Fuel.
Increases movement speed but the length of time allowed for sprinting will depend on the current level of stamina.

Were always adding new mods to our control panel for you to play, and if one is not available we can install it for you!
You are a survivor in Navezgane County Arizona, a rare Eden in a world of devastation.
Used to show other players and their statistics.