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BlackJack 21, basic Multi-Deck - Basic Strategy for use when playing multi-deck Blackjack.
This is NOT a black jack game, but an application that teaches you the right play.More user reviews: I like.Black Jack kolikkopelit android Trainer allows you to set your exact table configuration, so you can learn the basic strategy for your game.Best used for single deck BlackJack.Blackjack Trainer Pro will teach you to how to play your hands with the highest possible probability of winning using the basic strategy.No other application allows you to set as many configurations as BlackJack trainer.Show suggested Blackjack or 21 advice.Smart Multi-Deck - A less aggressive custom Blackjack 21 strategy that weights decisions according to current card count.Definitely pay the few dollars to gain access to all settings.The ability to practice just soft hands and pairs sets it apart from the rest.Very good practice before visiting casino.Excellent training device - Simple way to refresh blackjack strategy that was second nature to me forty years ago.Set Blackjack table minimum, set Blackjack table maximum, show Blackjack card counting statistics.Specifically practice soft hands and pairs and see how well you did in the statistics-table.Choose from several Blackjack or 21 strategies including Basic Strategy.Set number of decks in the shoe.

Good Teacher - The dealer will be impressed with your quick play.The problem with most of the BlackJack or 21 card counting simulators is they are based on a single player against the dealer.User yooka laylee casino sir shootalot reviews: Amazing - This app is a must have!It goes beyond just Basic Strategy.It's your turn to decide to Hit, Stand, Split, Double or Surrender.Super, best Blackjack Trainer.BlackJack Trainer solves this by simulating a game with five players and the dealer.Great app, great explanations.Regard this app as your personal blackjack school helping you to master the game of twenty-one and the basic strategy without the need to count cards.Choose from several Blackjack or 21 card counting methods.Deck Penetration percentage, overall Game Speed, set Blackjack players starting bank.
Canfield Expert - Made popular in the book "Blackjack Your Way to Riches".
You will be dealt a hand and see the dealers card.

This app allows you configure any table, from 1-8 decks, with or without dealer peek, with or without Surrender, and whether the dealer hits on soft 17 or not.