Fix overdrive button prompt icon when playing with keyboard/mouse or xbox controller prompts selected.
The "proper" clear save data is a true Clear Save Data from a completed run.Fix flickering and shadow issues in Sachsen Iron Mine map.A very special thanks to Falcom for creating something really special which brought us all together.You can read all about it in xseed Games blog here.Are there any mods out there for Trails of Cold Steel II?You can download it from here.Added HD texture for the gears on the camp menu (helps a little bit).Implement support for handling higher-resolution UI images.For now, this patched exe will be needed to use the new textures.Why are people are asking for Trails of Cold Steel II Clear Save Data?It is required to update.2 before using this patch.However, keep in mind that there are significant time investment which must be made if you intend to complete the three games in its entirety.Note: if you already completed the game, you need to start it and load a save for your scores to be uploaded.Changelog said:.35 Added true HD versions of all the combat portraits.

Added remaining enemy S-Break textures (Duvalie, Blueblanc, McBurn).Cooking, cooking is a great way to whip up unique healing items you can use in battle, and every member of Class VII has different culinary specialties.So I don't think that's something I'll be able to invest the time to look.Immune All Negative Status, page Up, infinite Bravery Points.I lost my clear save from Trails of Cold Steel.Completing Trails of Cold Steel with either Rank A1 or A0 will award Rean a certain accessory.Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.Bighead, the author of ToCS HD Texture Pack mod has updated his ToCS II HD Texture Pack mod to version.35.Rank A1, Rean will receive the Silver Emblem accessory with the following stats: HP 500 and EP.Mivey for the OT title).See here for a comparison m -largecache : Increases the size of the cache, which should make the loading time optimizations even more effective in longer sessions not free mbr slots and reduce the number of instances of longer cache-clearing load times.Added experimental HD font option.You can download the Clear Save Data here.World map texture and icons when selecting a destination from the Courageous.Search for base recipes as you travel throughout Erebonia, then have Reans classmates test their skills you might discover a fancy new dish along the way.

Are there any missable quests in this game?
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Thanks to Durante, we won't need a texture injection method to apply this new version of the mod some of the modded textures has been packed into PKG to prevent crashes: Bighead said: A huge shout out and thanks to Durante, he has made.