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Craft Beer Food Vuorikatu 16, Helsinki Tel.We also have amazing treats for vegetarian diet.Creamy fish soup and fried rye bread (Abadal Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Picapoll, Chadonnay, Macabeo, Espanja,9,20 / 12 cl).(Barramundi, Pinot Grigio Australia 8,40 / 12 cl) rosmariinivoissa paistettua naudan petit tenderiä (L,G) / Pan fried Petit tender in rosemary butter -valkosipuli-perunapyreetä ja garlic potato purée and mustard seed red wine sauce (Tormentoso Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Etelä-Afrikka 7,20 / 12 cl).Sign up for our letter, receive weekly info on our events, new midaur casino review beers and lunch!The basic idea is that those reviewers, whose ratings are most in conflict with the majority, have less influence on the calculated ratings than they would otherwise have.A modern American style kitchen with our favorite foods including the best smokery meats, burgers and BBQ.In the early days of Eat, we used raw averages, just like almost every other review site.For reservations 6 persons, contact.Main course buffet, salmon with Homemade Pesto (L, G).(Barramundi, Pinot Grigio Australia, 8,40 / 12 cl).House bread, with local ingredients, warm vegetables and sour cucumber * saatavana myös gluteenittomana / available gluten free ( kysythän tarjoilijalta / please ask your waiter) (Bee Famous IGP Coteaux du Pont du Gard Merlot, Ranska, 8,60 / 12 cl) Chefs Wege ( Veg.Our 24 drafts have a big variety of Sori Brewing beers among with our favorite rotating drafts.We have also an extensive wine list that pairs well with our foods.
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Avoinna MA-PE / MON-FRI 1114, katso Pajazzo Trattorian lounaslista varaa pöytä ».

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Metro stop (University of Helsinki) is in front of the restaurant.We probably could've gotten away with all that without anyone complaining much, but it always bothered.Full lunch 12,90, burger 13,90, late lunch burger fries 14:00 16:00 13,90, we also accept, lounasseteli, Eazybreak and ePassi 4652 whitesmoke 600 #dd8500.Lounaaseen sisältyy salaattibuffet, keitto, leipävalikoima sekä kahvi/tee.Send an open application to work for Sori Taproom.Putkisalos baby lamb, egg yolg creme, broiled onion.We also have a cabinet room that fits 26 people.Serious casino with sms eats for not so serious people.
Wanhan Tacos (L),50 -ruistaco, lisänä talonkastiketta, rapeita vihanneksia, salaattia, sitruunaa, salsaa sekä krassiyrttejä: / Rye taco, House sauce, crispy vegetables, salad, salsa and herbs: -kalalla / Fish -maalaiskanalla / Country chicken -marinoitua nyhtökauraa (V,M) / Marinated pulled oats (Santa Rita, Cabernet Sauvignon / Sauvignon Blanc.
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Menu Wanha, saimaa lautasella (L,G) / Saimaa Platter -fenkolinäkkäriä, kurkkusorbettia, pastramia Varkauden kirjolohesta ja mätiä /Rainbow trout pastrami from Varkaus, crisp fennel bread, cucumber sorbet and roe.
Pulled Oats Vegetarian Lasagna (L) Potatoes (L, G) brisket burger (VL) French fries ketchup soup AND salad buffet a selection of salads, soup of the day main course buffet Meat Balls (VL) Spinach Patties with Bechamel-Egg -Sauce (VL, G) Mashed Potatoes (L, G) brisket burger.
(Tormentoso Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Etelä-Afrikka,7,20 / 12 cl).