For reference/comparison, I'm including a bowl game bonuses photo of the finished gearbox.
An indicator rig that is used on the tailstock side of the carriage.
Here it is installed- I Photoshopped the lathe out.
One day last week when I was checking the latest on the airgun side of you blog, a picture of my lathe carriage showing the hand wheel and x-feed dial and lead screw popped.A hex key was clamped to a tool post at the near side of the x slide and set up to engage the gear teeth just before the drill touched. .My friends tell me that the whole setup looks weak and flimsy, but it is surprisingly rigid.The Carter Index plate mounted on the Taig how to get more accessory slots in terraria ios and Alan's indexing pin setup An adjustable double roller filing rest lotto fieramilanocity to use in conjunction with the dividing plate, from drawings in a book by John Wilding fbhi.I lost the Taig dial grads.Tom e mailed an idea and I made a set.And I also chose a stupid place to store it - some where where I thought was dry but in fact turned out to be under a water drip (eventually).Hand feed the hex key/chuck into the gear teeth, this will align the gear radially and the hex key vertically at the same time, clamp both.Glen Rash made these parts on his older model Taig lathe.The original one is at the top, and it's fairly evident as to why I needed a replacement.Since the long axis stepper is located inside the control box/base module, it won't be visible at all.I tugged on them and it looks like they are strong.Using the tailstock (not shown) I was able to drill a 3/8" diameter hole about 3 inches into the bar on center.I could have cut them down, but they seem easier to use as they are." Ed completed his telescope modification, "Thanks to the Taig Lathe.Right behind the tool holder you can see the bracket I added to the column to hold the 1/4-20 and 5/16-24 drawbars for the Sherline spindle tooling.

Well it worked for me, just a few hours work, and it has to be cheaper than fitting a Shearline part.I also turn custom handle pins on the lathe." #2 #3 #4 Ricardo Velez hard at work on his Taig Drilling a water pump mounting spacer Facing the spacer Boring the spacer Spacer parts installing the pump spacer (notice the alternator pulley as well) modified.This is how I held the part on the Taig mill using a 5C Hex Block, 1140ER drill chuck arbor, 1/2 drill chuck and my toolmakers screwless vise.#2 Andy Grueninger made a longer headstock mounting plate for his Taig CNC mill, cutting the dovetail closeup countersinking the holes finished holes "I've discovered my newest, most favorite way to debur holes.The index pin profiles can of course be modified, in the case of pairing a disc with a 4J chuck then two shallow grooves.76" and.2" diam on the back face will clear the points.Why is the nut on the bottom? .Available at extra cost was an automatic down-feed mechanism, a swivelling table and a special fitting for the toolpost that took a long keyway cutter holder.The DRO scales are as accurate as my Mitutoyo electronic calipers, but they are hard to read.Will rework as time permits.No great precision is required here.Mounting the post to the plate made it easy to mill the large flat on the post at 45 degrees. .
#2 and a other I found that makes me think I should be off Tahiti "Two points to stbd., Mr Christian"!

All of these mods have made machining much more convenient and precise.