dota 2 bonus hero means

respawn - forces the player's hero to respawn.
However, they usually have a high bounty and long cooldown, so its better to keep this creature alive as long as possible.
There are two types of barracks in Dota 2: Melee and Ranged.Each side has the same set of buildings, with the only thing being different is their appearance.On top of that, they have a thicker second bevel behind the first bevel.They give you maximum gold bounty, which is equal to the bounty line of a creep wave.There are continuous.Regeneration Rune fully restores mana and health unless the hero takes damage from another hero.They are the most dangerous for you and your fellows, so must be dealt with as soon as possible.They can restore health and mana, as well as provide a passive boost of basic characteristics.
Third position Offlaner Offlane While the first two positions are needed to deal damage and kill at the beginning or at the end of the game, Offlaner is the one who starts the fight or takes control over enemy heroes.

6) Some items do not provide their effect to heroes with passive abilities providing the same or similar effect.The total values on each upgrade cycle can be seen in the following table.Therefore, if there are three heroes, a carry and two supports in front of a hero on the hard line, then he simply has to stand and gain experience, or try to draw neutral creeps from his line into the forest and kill them.Young Paladin, we deem you ready to be introduced to the mighty force that pulls and pushes the tides of todays gaming community.Examples of unit target abilities with area effects are Svens Storm Hammer, Oracles Fortunes End, and Winter Wyverns Winters Curse.A type of damage that ignores physical and magic resistance.Each of the five players from a team can customize one of the buildings, giving them a unique look and a message that is displayed after the building is destroyed.Both Secret Shops are run by the Shopkeeper.One of the best ways to aggro enemy creeps is to initiate a fight with any lotto arvotut numerot of the enemy heroes, even if this hero is pretty far from you, in another part of the map.Other than that they dont have any special skills, cant attack and have no true sight.This is also known as orb walking.In such cases, the spell is cast towards the targeted units current location.There are two camps of ancient creeps on each side of the river in the jungle.All subsequent times you will get the three items with no other additions, but this occurs very rarely.Weapons Equipment that greatly increases your heros ability to deal out damage.

List of items for -givebots and -item commands: Abyssal Blade - item_abyssal_blade, aegis of the Immortal - item_aegis.