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Though bars and clubs are scattered across the town, it is never hard to hop in a tuk-tuk (or cab/taxi if you must) and arrive at any destination within 5 to 10 minutes without a big impact on the wallet.
There are many concentrations of bars on Streets 110, 104, 130, and 136 as well as Street 5 which runs parrallel to the riverfront between 110 and 148.
There are now many more western style bars the better known ones include Metro and K West.
A new venue offering live music on Street 172 on the opposite side of 51 from Pontoon is Slur Bar. .When Pontoon and Heart of Darkness close, The G-Pub squeezes the last bit of party out of everyone and goes until sunrise.Street 130, where Sharky Bar was the only venue has seen a rise in hostess bars springing.It is located in Golden Sorya Mall behind Pontoon.One to 3 dollars is the standard fare depending on the distance between most night life areas. .6 10 18, gTA 4 - 2012.Sharky Bar on Street 130 is becoming the leader on providing live music in the Kingdom.Greg Lutzka Rated 4 out of 5 stars.2 5 There are 1676 reviews 1K Free Piano Tiles - Don't touch white Rated 4 out of 5 stars.9 5 There are 1757 reviews 1K Free Asphalt Street Storm Racing Rated 4 out.Restaurants that have a good reputation include Chew and Chat and Blue Dolphin.Its called Tipsy Tuk Tuks and basically ties in all the best bars in town and show you were the funky under ground scene is check it out on face book.Phnom Penh has a vibrant nightlife offering a wide range of evening venues.
Street 110 like Street 104 host an array of hostess bars and pubs as well. .

Riverside Bistro across from Metro is one of the longer running riverfront bar/restaurants.Township, rated.5 out of 5 stars.6 5, there are 320808 reviews 320K, free.Most of Phnom Penhs streets are numbered, even numbered streets run east west and odd numbered streeets run north south.Free, march of Empires: War of Lords.Is always fun to catch one of the many bars when they are having a BBQ or Birthday party.Rated 5 out of 5 stars.8 5, there are 6355 reviews 6K, free.Pontoon Caberet show on Thursdays, flashing lights on the Dance Floor in Pontoon.Plenty of other rooftop bars dot the riverside as well as many sidewalk cafes.
Street 278 and on the north side of the.
DV8 bar is just off the river on Street 148.