ectofuntus no bonus xp

You get good experience from cremating shades there, and you'll get a lot of good rewards using the chest keys, too.
When completed, they also give stat boosts (depending on book type allow you to bless silver symbols and to 'preach' aloud from the books.Third-age druidic robe top Body 6 Can only be obtained by completing level 4 Treasure Trails or by purchasing from other players.So a member training a skill with stored Bonus XP on Double XP Weekend will receive 200 base.Keep in mind that he won't always reward you with prayer experience; he can also give you herbs, seeds, gems and runes.You can have Deflect Summoning and Ranged on at once, but not Deflect Melee and Ranged).You will need to wear a Ghostspeak amulet (this is now optional) and a Ring of duelling (If just can't afford Rings of duelling then using the Ring of kinship from dungeoneering is a good alternative).Initiate sallet Helm 3 Reward for completing Recruitment Drive quest (or buy from Sir Tiffy Cashien).
To do this you should bring a Blessed Spirit Shield, a hammer, and the sigil of your choice to an anvil.

Clicking on a certain type of ash will take you to a listing of demonic creatures that drop.Go down to the third level to fill up your buckets with Ectoplasm.There are several altars that give a boost above your normal maximum level when you pray at them: Free to Play: The altar in the Monastery boosts your prayer 20 over your maximum Prayer points.They drop Big bones, and are the best in F2P.Robe top Chest 4 Can only be obtained by completing level 1 and 2 Treasure Trails or by purchasing from other players.Unless you have level 58 Agility and can use the Weathered Wall shortcut, you will need to repeat this process for two more levels to reach the pool of Slime at the bottom level.Bandos chestplate Chest 1 Obtained from the Bandos area of the God Wars Dungeon.White med helm Helm 1 Purchase after Wanted Quest from Sir Vyvin.25 Protect Items Keep 1 extra item if you die.White 2h sword Weapon 1 Purchase after Wanted Quest from Sir Vyvin.Return to Top Protection Prayers The protection prayers (Protect from Melee, Protect from Missiles, Protect from Magic and Protect from Summoning) are incredibly useful.

Note that the highest possible level (350) does not exceed the 400 from the ectofuntus - however, there is no tedious bucket hauling and bone grinding.