There are key things to do when you make your custom civ.
Gameplay edit, configuring city resources in the game.
Recommended Victory: Netherlands, i can see the justification for Dutch UA as providing gold for that last luxury resource you have to retain the happiness bonus.
Overall both are forgettable and Rome is carried by its ULA.Some examples of small wonders are Wall Street, the Forbidden Palace, and The Pentagon.The Sea Beggar although is one of the few UUs that does have value offering gold for just attacking coastal cities and combined with its healing promotion, can create a profitable combination if plopped in front of say, a city-state with a turn after turn.There are several ways to win the game.9 (3 32, 33, 36, 36, 37, 40,.
Also, Attack, Hp, build time decrease bonuses are musts.

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" Sims games dominate year-end PC game sales".