All are dealer dealt, and you wont find yourself waiting too long for a game.
You can become a member but it only helps if you are playing in the casino.The location is perfect for high turnover and frankly insane diversity of customers.They are very security-conscious, which is a good thing, given the prominent location, right on Leicester Square.Of the 1 they take for the bad beat.Good range of tournaments the schedule does seem to change a few times a year so its certainly worth checking out the website before going to play.
Located smack in the middle of Leicester Square, open 24/7, and you dont even need to become a member to play.
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The dealers are extremely efficient, welcoming, chatty and skilled.(Tournament details may change please contact the cardroom directly to confirm tournament details) Cash games There is not a huge variety of cash games, but there are consistently tables to play.And one of the upsides to this is you will have a steady supply of new and inexperienced players walking in from the casino, from work around the area, and even tourists looking for a game.Its a good place to play, particularly if youre wanting a daytime tournament.The level of competition varies wildly.Poker rooms are very subjective, not everyone will agree and there is a wide choice dealers casino casinomeister of poker rooms in London.You can just walk in and start playing.
Stack, last Updated, sunday 14:00 50 8, nL Holdem, late registration and re-entry for first 3 levels.