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For example, segment revenue excludes barter revenues and adjustments to defer online gaming and social network revenues under ifrs.
See "Presentation of Aggregate Segment Financial Information" below.Commenting on the qdialog slots results of the Group, Dmitry Grishin, Chairman and CEO of Group, said: "I am pleased to report FY 2013 Group preliminary results during which time our company has had another successful period, meeting or exceeding key performance indicators, and hence delivering strong.The Social Networks segment includes our two social networks (Odnoklassniki and My World) and earns revenues from (i) user payments for virtual gifts, (ii) revenue sharing with application developers, and (iii) online advertising, including display and context advertising.In addition Jungle Heat, which was released under the m brand in June 2013, has seen strong initial success and in H2 became a material revenue contributor with the US as the largest market, and near 90 of the revenues outside of Russia.Throughout the year contextual advertising continued to be strong supported by a continued focus on the Target product, and our solid market share in search.The closed launch of ArcheAge in Q4 2013 was well received and the initial signs for the game are very promising.Such adjustments affect such major areas as revenue recognition, deferred tax on unremitted earnings of subsidiaries, share-based payment expense, disposal of and impairment of investments, business combinations, fair value adjustments, amortisation and impairment thereof, net foreign exchange gains and losses, share in financial results.We expect that this revenue growth will be broadly reflected in advertising, games and ivas all seeing revenue growth rates at, or around, the overall group growth rate.
The RUR amounts have been translated into USD using average exchange rates for FY 2012 (31.09 RUR/USD) and FY 2013 (31.85 RUR/USD) respectively Including Other ivas revenues (1) Group aggregate segment revenue is calculated by aggregating the segment revenue of the Group's operating segments and.
Group aggregate income tax expense is different from income tax as would be recorded under ifrs, as (i) it excludes deferred tax on unremitted earnings of the Group's subsidiaries and associates and (ii) it is adjusted for the tax effect of differences in profit before.

Group Limited (LSE: mail, hereinafter referred as "the Company" or "the Group one of the largest Internet companies in the high-growth Russian-speaking Internet market, today provides the following preliminary unaudited segment financial information and key operating highlights for the full year ended 31 December 2013.In line with the communitainment (communication plus entertainment) strategy, the Company is moving rapidly to build an integrated communications and entertainment platform.The Company owns Russias leading email service and Russias largest internet portal, (TNS, all Russia, age 12-64, December 2013).(7) Group aggregate net profit is the (i) Group aggregate segment ebitda; less (ii) Group aggregate depreciation and amortisation expense; plus (iii) Group share of net profit from associates; less (iv) Group aggregate other non-operating expense; plus (v) Group aggregate other non-operating income; less (vi).Operating S egments P erformance FY 201 3 The USD numbers represent a convenience translation.To participate in this conference call, please use the following access details: Confirmation Code: 35702549, participant Toll Free Telephone Numbers: Russia Free Phone UK Free Phone USA Free Phone Standard International Call 44 (0) For Further Information Please Contact: Investors Matthew Hammond Group Phone: E-mail.All the GDRs bought will be held by the employee benefit trust to be used over the lifetime of the option programme.We would therefore expect FY 2014 Group aggregate segment ebitda margins of between 53-54.See "Presentation of Aggregate Segment Financial Information".In addition in H2 contextual advertising also benefited from our monetization agreement with Yandex.(4) Group share of net profit from associates includes the Group's share of net profit from m and Qiwi as calculated based on the ownership percentage as of the date hereof (i.e.It earns almost all revenues from (i) sale of virtual in-game items to users and (ii) royalties for games licensed to third-party online game operators.This measure differs in significant respects from ifrs consolidated net revenue.Each segment's ebitda is calculated as the respective segment's revenue less operating expenses (excluding depreciation and amortisation and impairment of intangible assets including our corporate expenses allocated to the respective segment.
Group aggregate segment operating expenses are calculated by aggregating the segment operating expenses (excluding the depreciation and amortisation) of the Group's operating segments including allocated Group corporate expenses, and eliminating intra-segment and inter-segment expenses.

As in 2013 we expect that ivas will continue to show good growth in 2014 growing broadly in line with group revenues as we remain focused on increasing user engagement and improving our product.
As such we expect another solid year in advertising growth.