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"Mayweather dominates Berto, caps 490 career".
Larry Merchant stated, "Mayweather fights in a tradition of boxing and quick handedness that goes back in Michigan, all the way to fighters like Sugar Ray Robinson".
Retrieved April 23, 2006.Mayweather announced his retirement from boxing to concentrate on his promotional company, saying he wanted Hatton to be his first client.Shortly afterward, Pacquiao denied ever signing a contract to fight Mayweather, telling FanHouse, "There are still some things that need to be negotiated." According to Yahoo!"I knew that I was going to have to try to take care of my mom and I made the decision that school wasn't that important at the time and I was going to have to box to earn a living he said."Floyd Mayweather beats Marcos Maidana, but crowd unhappy".

Márquez Number One/Número Uno 1,100,000 254 HBO 55,600,000 7 May 1, 2010 Mayweather.He competed from 1996 to 20 to 2015, and made a one-fight comeback in 2017.Mayweather is one of the most lucrative pay-per-view attractions of all time, in any sport.Mayweather in 2011 During a Q A session following his opening statement, Arum further explained, "We have never talked to anybody on the Mayweather side and all conversations on our part were through Ross Greenburg and he reported on all conversations on the Mayweather side."I had been negotiating with a representative from each side since May 2, carefully trying to put the fight together.Guillen, Adam (May 12, 2016).He may have had his glove in my mouth, but I never bit him." After round 9, Maidana appeared to be confused as he started walking towards the wrong corner.Retrieved June 7, 2011.Mayweather immediately ran towards him to point to his corner, much to the amusement of the crowd.George Foreman agreed with the decision That's what you want a referee to do although his counterpart Larry Merchant had an alternative view: "I think this referee has been altogether too involved in the fight.Retrieved May 3, 2015.Mayweather owns a boxing gym called the "Mayweather Boxing Club" located in the Chinatown Plaza in Las Vegas.Gray, James (March 16, 2017).

232 1 million PPV buys were reported for WrestleMania xxiv, grossing.8 million in revenue.
"Even though his daddy did sell drugs, I didn't deprive my son the elder Mayweather says.