Having seen this place, you will understand why the Marble Cave is one of the five most beautiful caves of the world.
Evolution of E-publications of Ravnovesie Publishing House Yury Rozhko, Ravnovesie Publishing House, Moscow, Russia.00-15.00 Lunch Wednesday, June 11,.00-19.00 Meganom Auditorium.00-17.00 Session II (Continued).
Lenin Regional Universal Library, Gomel, Belarus.00-17.20 coffee break.20-17.40 Session II (Continued).
The Role of Continuous Education in Personal Development Lita Hofmane, National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.Pushkin Eastern-Kazakhstan Regional Library; Chair, Eastern-Kazakhstan Regional Association of American Corners, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan.The main lines of activity are publishing, book trade and libraries acquisition.Libraries Facing Home Alone Phenomenon Valentina Chobanu, Ion Kyange National Childrens Library, Kishinev, Moldova.20-13.00 round table Information Culture of Children, Young adults, and Pedagogues: What, Who and How HaS to Be Taught?Supreme Attestation Commissions List and Russian Science Citation Index as a Tool of Russian Scientific Journals Assessment Gennady Eremenko, runeb Scientific Electronic Library, Moscow, Russia.Subject Search in Electronic Libraries: Illusions and Reality Olga Lavrenova, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia.The key software product of the Company is a well-known automated library-information system aDIS/BMS, which has been successfully applied by the union of public libraries of Berlin and by Munich City Library.Modernization of School Libraries Activities in Ukraine: versailles slottet Problems and Prospects Irina Khemchyan,.Survey of the Information Bulletin Elena Kislova, Deputy Director, Matrix Press Company, Kiev, Ukraine.An uninhabited place close to the village of Solnechnaya Dolina (Sunny Valley) was named Arkhaderesse, which in Turkic means "the back of the ravines".Round Table conclusions questions taru bingo AND answers, Discussion, round table and section conclusions Section 10: Public Access to Legal and Business Information.The range of publications covers more than 50,000 book titles in all branches of knowledge.The Publishing House delivers books in batches throughout the country.Korolenko State Scientific Library, Kharkov, Ukraine.00-9.30 Introduction Larisa Nikiforenko, Deputy Director, Division for Arts and Regional Policy; Head, Department of Library Activity Analysis and Forecast, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine Greetings by: Yakov Shrayberg, Chair, Crimea 2008 International Conference Organizing Committee;.
Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine administrators: Boris Marshak, Executive Director, International Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies, First Deputy Director General for Research and Information Technologies, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia Olga.

Modern Concepts Current Concepts of Educational Institutions Alexander Shulaev, Department for Education of Velikie Luki Administration, Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, Russia.Remarkable are collections of canna, chrysanthemums, tulips, clematises, cacti, almonds, granatum.Libraries as Centers of Preservation and Development of Cultural Traditions of the Fatherland.The Library and Local Literary Society: Edges of Cooperation (with a slide-show) Nataliya Nerkagy, Chief Bibliographer, Intersettlement Central Library, Nadym, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Russia.Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russia pensky, Deputy Director General for Editorial and Publishing Activities,.I.Additionally, a special bonus tilien yhdistäminen contest will be held, with the award being a a bonus trip to the science online Conference.It is located at the lower Chatyrdag plateau and is convenient for visiting.

Moderator AND discussion leader: Francis Kirkwood, ifla Reference and Information Services Committee Member, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Tuesday, June 10,.00-19.00 Novy Svet Auditorium Session.
"ifla Committee Proposals for New Crimea Activities" Round Table.