Apr 14 Go It Alone 217.
8-9 10 Nov 11 Dark Was the Night 158.
Brooke Smith.
Samuel Norbert Avery was born and died in winter of 2015.9-15 14 Feb 13 Hard Bargain 188.Kevin McKidd.Izzie was born May 1st, 1980 (date on the divorce papers Izzie sent Alex) This could potentially be Alex's birthday, the name associated with the birthday is never caught on screen.In universe, she has been an attending closer to two years than one, so she was likely downplaying the number to get Richard to talk to Derek.8-7 27 Oct 11 Put Me in, Coach 156.Andrew is still in his second year of his surgical residency.
6-7 29 Oct 09 Give Peace a Chance 110.

9-21 25 Apr 13 Sleeping Monster 194.Feb 19 Girlfriend in a Coma 329.Support System takes place a few weeks after The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and the flashbacks shown in the episode take place one day after Have You Seen Me Lately?View all related dvds view all related news view all related listings date (day) time network episode title 5/16/19 (Th.) 8:00 PM, aBC 1525) Jump into the Fog 5/9/19 (Th.) 8:00 PM, aBC 1524) Drawn to the Blood 5/2/19 (Th.) 8:00 PM, aBC 1523) What.Feb 18 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger 305.Feb 17 None of Your Business 281.Feb 17 Jukebox Hero 280.Apr 14 Change of Heart 218.Come on Down to My Boat, Baby takes place two months after Break Down the House, around the beginning of July casino game with 120 free spins 2017, as a new group of interns starts their residency at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.2-0 08 Jan 06 Straight to the Heart S02.

3-24 10 May 07 Testing 1-2-3.
8-22 03 May 12 Let the Bad Times Roll 171.