This kind of analysis makes sense here, because that's precisely what runes do; they change the inputs to this function.
Basic attacks (aka auto attacks) are critical to ad carry play, especially at the beginning of the game.
You want to get favorable trades in with your opponent, and you also need to do as much damage as possible with your basic attacks in order to get cs and farm well.Attack damage and attack speed dominate this measure.Come and begin your word story!The crossover level is only.Each of these can be put in any of the nine slots for marks, or the three slots for quintessences.Personally, all my runes are flat, but after doing this analysis I might pick up some scaling health regen seals.The tool I used for doing this is ratios.We all know buying AD items on champions with bonus AD abilites would scale very well with their damage.Taking ability power or attack damage quints makes farming a lot easier for the first few minutes when their bonus values are relatively high compared to minion hit points.
Simply swipe the letters to build words!

But, perhaps more importantly, later in the game when you buy Rabadon's Deathcap the extra 30 bonus from that will benefit the scaling ability power glyphs more.I started my investigation by thinking about partial derivatives of this equation.In summary, to maximize basic attack damage per second, one should choose attack speed quints and a mix of attack speed and attack damage marks that depends heavily on base champion statistics and initial item buys.It will be easier to last hit, they will benefit any ad ratios your champion has, and they increase dps more than attack speed marks would until your attack damage reaches that average level.8) Take care of yourselves and hang around; I'll be back soon with more league fun and math fun here.Other Rune Paths, effects, while above tu 160 blackjack aircraft 70 health, gain an Adaptive bonus.8 - 18 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage or 3 - 30 (based on level) Ability Power.

Finally, here's the table for quintessences: Quintessence Flat Value Scaling Value Crossover Level.25.25 10 HP.7 10.26.38 12 MR.37 11 HP/5.7.28 10.95.43 12 Mana.5.17 9 Mana/5.25.24.