Preferences, in preferences you can set the user name you want to use in Network Game.
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After scoring you will throw ere are 13 different scores and the game is finished when all are marked.Bottom rows score if your throw belongs to one of these special cases: Three of a Kind 3 dice of the same kind sum of all the dice, four of a Kind 4 dice of the same kind sum of all the dice, fullHouse.Scoring, you can score in any of the scoring buttons that are not already selected.If you play with computer Artificial Intelligence, AI robot mm kisat 2017 veikkaus uses the best and optimal strategy, so to win you need some skill and luck.Valitse muita kohteita urheiluvalikosta.
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You hold a die by clicking it with the mouse.Valoa ikkunassa, varjot, viimeinen Ilta, voi kuinka kaunista kaikki taas ois.You can browse this list selecting Scores.Maalivahti, syötä summa värä summa, pelaa.If a result from your computers Score list is better than 320 it will be also sent to server.You can ask for advice or hints from the computer AI robot, so you can learn you how to win.Multiplayer NetworkGame, if you want to play in network Login first, then choose "Network".Cookie Policy, this website uses cookies for statistics, advertising, game scores and more.You release a die by clicking it again.All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.
For example if you throw throw you score 12 points if you select it as fours.

31 -19 m, zoo Yatzy Board Game BoardGameGeekA variant of Yahtzee with animals instead of numbers, and different score system.