las vegas casino free alcohol

As far as casino games go, this one is among the most fun and energetic.
If you're playing this game for any length of time, you'll need to make it a little more exciting.
What you're playing: Blackjack, you don't gamble much.Different casinos will have different quality drinks - particularly if you get cocktails.Ellen, Friends, or, wheel of Fortune.After losing a few odd thomas kuolleiden kasino hands, you'll feel less like 007 and more like Vince Vaughn from.Just try not to (a) yell too loudly in the middle of the action, (b) give someone else advice on how to play when you're not playing, and (c) ask a girl to blow on your dice for good luck.Order a Long Island iced tea.But you're here and you're staring at that video poker screen built into the countertop.That's where you'll find a casino right before the California state line and a convenience store just after.And should the martini be shaken or stirred?Beer in a bottle tends to be less variable, and it's hard to mess up a bottle of beer.What you're playing: A goofy slot machine, you're a girl in her 20s and your date from Plenty of Fish hasn't shown up yet.A wine cooler, what you're playing: Powerball, you love the lottery, but it's not legal in Nevada.These people know what they're doing.Wine spritzer, what you're playing: Keno You're an old woman from the Northeast who's in her 60s.The only thing you didn't put much thought into was the answer to, "Would you like a drink?".

Here's the good news: you can drive a few miles south of Las Vegas to Primm.Lavo Las Vegas, a fruity martini.Actually, you might not even drink that much.Just don't drink 'em in the parking lot.Well, at least three to four minutes away at a good old-fashioned slot parlor.It's technically not a casino, and technically not much of a bar.Rob Kachelriess has been writing for Thrillist for nearly three years.Are you one of them?