me2 best bonus power for soldier

Assuming control of a turret, Geth Prime, cannibal or marauders is an extremely effective way of reducing the enemy force while conserving your own.
Ammo is plentiful so why waste and how is poker played upgrade on it?You can casino xalapeño historia help out by choosing a bonus power which drains shield, such as Energy Drain.Honestly, though, I feel it's close enough that it comes down to eurovision 2018 bingo cards preference, and both are still head and shoulders above Disruptor Ammo.Singularity is the answer.Recommend upgrading as follows: Rank 4 : 30 damage.I've been playing a soldier on Insanity.If you want to use the shotgun as a a main weapon, it's significantly better.Adrenaline Rush, this is your "Get out of jail free" card on Insanity and the active skill that you will use most.
But if that describes you, you probably aren't playing on Insanity anyway.

Bonus Powers I didn't try out a lot of different ones here, so let me just say that I'd pick one that helps with shields.Second, incinerate is one of the most powerful and effective powers available.I fully disagree with Marshal Shepard's assessment or the engineer being too squishy for insanity.I can't actually say it's the best, just that it's the most fun.What mods are available/recommended for Andromeda?Overall, you'll get a lot more utility out of the incendiary ammo.You're pretty much only going to be pulling this out when you need to take down a heavily armored target, and even then, on Insanity you're probably best off simply hiding and taking a few sniper shots while your squadmates use their warp/incinerate/etc powers.Update: I've played around with this bit more, in particular pairing it with Cryo Ammo, as some users in chat suggested I try.
If you combine with pull, you can use concussive shot to throw people off of cliffs too.

I probably wouldn't even use Frag Grenades if they didn't effectively have a zero cooldown time.
That tends to be the sort of thing I spec my squadmates for, as EDI or Garrus's overload can one-shot a weaker enemy's shields.