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(03/18/19 gutshots don't work properly in all situations fixed.
Bad hand generating in testing (sometimes generates the how to blackjack thieving hands what you or your opponent never have in a certain situation) fixed - (02/10/19) FIX.
Welcome to GTO, gTO is advanced Hold'em game theory analysis software, with one of the most intuitive interfaces available today.If you set the test action on the first action on particular street software crashes fixed - (02/25/19) FIX.With GTO, you can rely on mathematics to always know how to play in any postflop spot.Browse last hands didn't browse real last hands but random hands.Left clicking on whole combination (de)selects the combination and right clicking select only the current combination.NEW features: Copy hand.txt, big Blind and Big Blinds Overall graph (GTO Test statistics and GTO analyzing tools).GTO Table improvement (bad color in all-in action and better column decomposition).BOT trainer Settings wizard Dividable ranges Replayer combinations graph vs opponent Fully working console NEW little features: Date sorting in hand grids Backdoor flushes tracking Date filter in the main filter Winamax short stack cash games support Statistic graphs quick filter Tester graphs quick filter.Oesd don't work properly in all situations fixed.Betsizings in replayer fixed - (02/25/19) bugfix, download test button added, auto activate when is deactivated edited.Weird range in "transfer to solver" fixed.GTO offers fastaccurate calculations and powerful internal analysis tools for exploring the solutions.Fixed In database error hands popup error window with direct sending hand to support added Bug report, ideas and write us doesn't send email (throws The smtp server requires a secure connection.) fixed - (02.17.18) RC Solver on river sometimes throws an error fixed Calculate.Thus didn't work quick loadings properly fixed - (10/3/18) edits: Capitals and labels Action panel transform to replayer panel when finishes hand in vs BOT Board pattern are checked before creating BUG fixes: Winamax better hand parsing in SS CG Reset test crashing Settings wizard.Call-check label, test first action, weird behavior of checking and unchecking combinations in the replayer.Everything displays in milliseconds Action switching is 200 faster in replayers Testing is going fluently even after 500 situations played at one board NEW BIG features: (completely redesigned GTO analyzing tools and tests) Board patterns graphical interface New Optimal Strategy graph New Decision Stack graph.
GTO is completely self-contained, with no need to ever use any other software.

Loading hands in the database loading removed edited.Amendments in the combination bar (hidden dividing and action selection replaced with a better system).When you have more items in the box it shifts the controls down in the database importing - (02/06/19) BIG update.Down arrow doesn't work in the replayers fixed.Check - call label problem in some spots fixed.BUG fixes: Bad gutshots depicting, actions filters don't work properly, sometimes it calculates duplicates (two-three same hands in the row).Quicker loading of the combination bar (simultaneously with GTO grid).Tests to solver option added - (02/25/19) FIX.Activate this PC removed, cannot save or edit filter when is action filter only with "b" fixed.Multiple notifications, replayer improvements: Improved combinations graph, clicking directly on the action (de)selects the action in the grid.PT4 importing by icons, replace duplicates option, bDSD combo.Filters can be just b:C for any bet/call or for passing with hand action c:b20:b60:C the filter can be c:18-22 2-4 or c:b16-b50 b2-5 etc.When you open Wizard it shows you cross even when you have everything set correctly.
Removed delta FD and ED from filters.

If you don't set big blind as 10 multiplier software crashes fixed.