Fraudwatch International's lottery scams section, a shockingly high number of lottery fraudsters out there!
Basically says the same thing as this page (don't communicate with them and delete any messages from them).
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Odds: 1.81, new game.00, lucky Lines, win up to 50,000.Firstly, the scammer has to construct a reasonably convincing-sounding "you've won the lottery" e-mail, so they're now tending to throw in verifiable correct facts in there to make it sound legitimate.Latest: I've had multiple independent reports that suggest the scammers are starting to use snail mail (Post Office mail) to target potential victims in a very similar manner to their lottery e-mail scams.Hence, any person/organisation sending you e-mail saying you've won a (usually large) prize on the UK lottery is lying, it's as simple as that.Mail or Hotmail account?Lloyd Connect Internet Solutions Limited 2019.Stop posting your damn phone numbers!Play Instant Win Games, monopoly Riches, win up to 250,000.A purchase will NOT increase your chances OF winning Employees of Swire Coca-Cola, USA Sponsor and its "Promotional Swire Coca-Cola, USA, are not eligible to enter or win a prize in this promotion.Great Gloves Online Coupon, cOCA cola mobile draw UK - Complaint coca cola annual world lottery uk BoardHow to Play Lucky Lotteries the Lott - Australia's Official Lotteries.The scammer will often say "don't tell anyone about this win" (by "anyone they probably mean the police, so that they won't be tracked down and prosecuted!Some more reading on this subject to further enlighten you: The official Camelot site's, security Advice, months after I put this page up warning about scams, Camelot finally did something similar.If you haven't twigged it's a scam at this point, you're quite a naive person to say the least.Of course, they then blow this to smithereens by using a free Webmail-based e-mail account (e.g., m and so on) to send their scam e-mail from - do you really think Camelot (who run the UK lottery) would ever send e-mail to end-users from.Nope, they never would and this should be enough to stop you dead in your tracks and delete the scam e-mail.The three most common things they put in are: The draw number, date, winning numbers and jackpot amount of a recent UK lottery draw.
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Coca-Cola Orlando Resort Sweepstakes.Coca cola promo code universal 2018 42 per day for a four-day ticket with 21 using a promo code available on specially-marked cupsNational Steps Challenge Season 4 is here!If you are foolish enough to have started up a phone or e-mail conversation with the scammers, they will inevitably horde racial abilities bfa try to get a "claim fee" from you to process the lottery win.Watch live draws online, the quickest way to get the numbers.The Dutch Lottery, scam, this page is handy because it gives you some useful advice on how to report advance fee frauds.Coca Cola 2006 Promotion, wake up to find that Barclays Bank Plc will be paying me 1m after winning Coca-Cola's annual email draw!Find out more, gameStore.Note that even Camelot themselves have now stopped e-mailing people who won via an online ticket (and not a moment too soon - you now have to log into the official Web site to discover you've won, which is as it should be).Favourites include Camelot's full postal address (both the Olympia Way one in London and the.O.Win up to 4MMillion instantly!Who are they to say who you can and can't tell that you've "won" the lottery?The name and/or address of something legitimate that's lottery related.
Note: I don't want copies of your scam e-mails sent to me - there's nothing whatsoever I can do about them!
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