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Indy I'm going to get that truck.
Marion What is it?
Indy Where you gonna get it?Belzig We meet again, Fraulein.Marion (negative) That'll get me back, but not in style.4 feet long,.5 feet wide and.5 feet high.Indy turns his head so the torneo estrellas poker tour torch in his mouth can burn.As the car disappears, bullets pock the entrance of the tunnel.From nowhere, a wet sleeve appears and a hand grabs the rail!THE MAP room The moment has arrived.Sallah gestures to follow and all three run off stealthily through the mostly deserted camp.And an abrupt, sickening rendition of satipo'S last scream.

All the children chatter their innocence at once.I said out of my place.One last Bad Arab rises before him.Then something comes down.Satipo There's plenty of light, amigo.Belloq hesitates a long moment, studying the burning wreckage with an odd, suspicious look.THE approach TO THE temple, the party fans out to fight their way through the entwined trees that guard the temple.Train tunnel - long straightaway The car with Indy and Marion looks almost sluggish compared argo casino ask gamblers to the pursuing Nazi car as they both make their way into an usually long straightaway.
Bones, maps, charts festoon the walls.

The Teaching Assistant leaves.
Halfway there, he slips and goes down.