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as Pellegrini scooped the partypoker freeroll password pot.
Download the PokerStars live!The 2 turn and 4 river were both okay for the at-risk player as well, and Shak continues with a bit more than 25,000.He has the third place at the 2,150 buy-in turbo event and by virtue of this win, he took home 44,000.JK 3:35pm: Geilich gives it up Level 4 - Blinds 100/300 (BB ante 300) Happening by Ludovic Geilich's table, he was deep in the tank in a hand versus Julien Pieffet.Then he lost a hand to Higgins.The 27K46 board kept Adams in the lead and Sare hit the rail."Want to see?" asked Nedelcu of Palevic afterwards, having at last broken his poker face to reveal a slight grin.Pellegrini moved in behind him 12-slot vme sun-3 160s and cleared out Tamasian, putting the action back to Cerreto, who folded pretty quickly to ship the pot Pellegrini's way.Sinclair opened for 700 in the lojack seat on the following hand, drawing calls from Mostafa Bourras on the button and Ben Heath in the big blind.Wilonofsky, a former EPT Berlin winner, finished with 330,000, which was enough to top the chip counts with roughly 240 players left.The A river wasn't what Silver needed, though, and as Wilinofsky had him covered Silver was out.
Regonaschi now has about 135,000 chips, including a full stack of orange 5K chips.
As he watched Michal Wywrot open from middle position, Jacobson probably thought it was a nice spot in which.

Higgins thought for a bit and then moved all-in for 16,100.This ranking list does not include results from recurring events (regular daily, weekly or monthly events).MH 4:25pm: Two pair for Panka Level 4 - Blinds 100/300 (BB ante 300) A couple of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event champions are in the field today, 2013 winner Dimitar Danchev and 2014 champ Dominik Panka.Nascimiento shouted in celebration, then commended Heinze for playing a good hand.That's when Troyanovskiy took off his headphones and his tablemates laughed.As noted just below (see 3:25pm Dan Shak was on a short stack, in part because he'd lost with trip aces versus trip aces, better kicker.He is known to have won more than one million by playing in the live events.He asked to see Troyanovskiy's stack, which was slightly less than 16,000.Byron Kaverman has taken his seat as well.

Statistics from daily, weekly, monthly and other recurring events only.