Cross-over : Player crossing the net into the opponent's court.
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11 backhand : Stroke in which the ball is hit with the back of the racket hand facing the ball at the moment of contact.
Typically, players who play the dead rubber are lower-ranked members of the team looking to gain Davis/Fed Cup match experience.Stiffness (or racket stiffness The resistance of the racket to bending upon impact with the ball.Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).140 Approaching a forehand volley vantage : Archaic term for advantage.T ( the T The spot on a tennis court where the center line and the service line intersect perpendicularly to form a "T" shape.112 special ranking SR See protected ranking.In intermediate level tennis this is considered unusual but an acceptable ploy.Retriever : Defensive baseliner who relies on returning the ball rather than scoring direct winners.For ATP tournaments, typically one out of four players are seeds.Can result in a warning from the umpire or docking of points.Hacker : Player whose clumsy strokes seem more accidental than intentional.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from, tennis terminology jump to navigation, jump to search.Smash poker dynamic hud : Strongly hit overhead, typically executed when the player who hits the shot is very close to the net and can therefore hit the ball nearly vertically, often so that it bounces into the stands, making it unreturnable.Twist serve (or American twist serve Serve hit with a combination of slice and topspin which results in a curving trajectory and high bounce in the opposite direction star loot bonus of the ball's flight trajectory.Cannonball : Somewhat archaic term for a very fast, flat serve.ATP : Abbreviation for Association of Tennis Professionals, the main organizing body of men's professional tennis; governs the ATP World Tour with the largest tournaments for men.Touch : Occurs when a player touches any part of the net when the ball is still in play, losing the point.See also Gran Willy and Sabatweenie.

Love : Scoring term indicating zero (e.g.
Backcourt : The area of the tennis court between the baseline and the service line.
79 official : Member of the officiating team: tournament referee, chair umpire, or linesman.