Rosewood fingerboard with a mahogany body in crimson red finish.
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It's easier to bend strings on a shorter scale, but sometimes the lower strings can lose slot mac pro a little clarity.
Knowing a little bit more about what goes into a guitar can also help find a clear path to the instrument that's right for you.This item is covered with a one year warranty from Sam Ash.Guitar Color Blue Sparkle (BLU S).String Nut Locking feature-stringNut0 1585, nut Width.625" (1-5/8 feature-nutWidth0 192.Neck Wood Maple feature-neckWood0 77, neck Wood Bubinga feature-neckWood0 323, neck Shape C-shaped neck feature-neckShape0.Smaller radii, like the.25" of vintage Fenders, can make bending strings more difficult, though, and the curve can cause the string to "fret out" on higher frets as it moves away from its natural rest point.Controls: volume, volume, tone w/push-pull (coil-splitting 5-position blade switch, 2-way mini switch (Sustainiac on/off 3-way mini switch (Sustainiac mode).Schecter Solo-6B Blue Sparkle BLrototype Electric Guitar with Bigsby namm Demo 2017 Solo.Glow In The Dark.

If you have more information about Schecter C-1 Fpocalypse please write a review.Left Handed Music Man, left Handed Eastwood / Airline Guitars.In increasing both volume and durability, this helped make the guitar more portable.With so many guitars to choose from, you can spend days, or even weeks, making a decision.There are still a handful of purely acoustic archtop guitars from various manufacturers, though they are very much a specialty item these days.Shorter scale lengths, like the.5" of many Gretsch guitars.75" of most Gibson guitars, give lower tension and tend towards a warmer sound.
New - Limited Edition Left Hand Minark Goddess Arriving Now - Left Handed Crafter Thin Body Archtop Acoustic- Electric Hybrid New - Left Handed Crafter Acoustic Electric Hybrid The Perfect Acoustic for Electric Players - Rowan Del Rio Left Handed Left Handed Zemaitis A24MF/LH.
Neck Joint Glued In feature-neckJoint0 468.