Outfitted with an office for the intelligence chief and a reception room for Moneypenny, it bears the fictional pennant number M-1 (probably in reference to the boat's temporary assignment to M).
Others are stored aboard the Liparus, as the cars of its internal monorail system; the cars can be fired out of the side of the ship and become speedboats.
32 RM Auctions auctioned the white Lotus Esprit submarine in London on September 9, 2013 for 550,000 (865,000).Novel Aircraft Owner Notes casinoeuro blogi Live and Let Die, Diamonds Are Forever, Goldfinger Boeing 377 Stratocruiser boac, Auric Goldfinger 007 takes Stratocruiser on his journeys to America.Commander Strangways gives this car to Bond.Quantum of Solace Volvo S40 Hire car used in Austria Ford Ka Camille Montes Used by Camille when she picks up Bond from the hotel.7 unknowing that Sheriff.W.Dodge Diplomat : Featured in A View to a Kill as a San Francisco Police Department patrol car.44 Quantum of Solace Douglas DC-3 Unnamed Bolivian civilian Actually, two separate Dakotas were used in the filming.Original page was titled: "Honorable Mentions - AMC Hornet dated 9 November 2006 at luottokortti palkka bonuksena ml and was retrieved on 13 September 2008 "1974 AMC Hornet".Ford Country Squire Red 1964 Station Wagon Ford Ranchero Driven by Oddjob to carry the crushed Lincoln back to the Goldfinger's Kentucky horsefarm.No or Water Taxi Captain Operated by a fearful Jamaican Captain, this rather unkempt boat provides water taxi service between Kingston, Jamaica, and Crab Key.In Live and Let Die, Bond and Rosie use this vehicle to drive to the harbor to meet Quarrel.Bond wins, rescues Octopussy in cliff-hanger finale.Goldfinger None None This is the rare Bond movie with no prominent watercraft used or owned by any significant character - though there are a few incidental boats (being small rowboats or sailboats) seen at the docks where Bond swims ashore to sabotage a Latin.Retrieved "Bond in motion".Other road vehicles edit Film Vehicle Owner Notes Live and Let Die AEC Regent RT-type double-decker bus Stolen by James Bond and Solitaire Used to escape from San Monique's police force.
In his own commandeered boat, Bond hides behind this barge, from which he grabs a bucket of paint thinner to throw into Adam's eyes in order to blind the pursuing henchman and send his speedboat out of control.
Cabin Cruiser Water Taxi.

Submarine Manta United States Navy.S.Late 1980s Diplomats were also featured in Licence to Kill as the squad cars in Key West, Florida (some may have been identical Plymouth Gran Furys ).Glastron GT-150 Speedboat.A View to a Kill American LaFrance ladder truck San Francisco Fire Department Licence to Kill Kenworth W900B Franz Sanchez Casino Royale International 4900 Skyfall Honda CRF 250R motorcycle Novel Vehicle Owner Notes Moonraker AEC Mammoth Major newsprint lorry Bowater In the A20 car chase.N4 Hovercraft Ferry Princess Margaret Seaspeed ferry service Hovercraft are difficult vehicles to classify as they fly at an altitude of a few inches on a cushion of air over flat land or water - qualifying them as water, land, or air craft, simultaneously.Range Rover Sport : Featured in Casino Royale, Bond deliberately crashes it in a hotel parking lot to serve as a distraction.Moonraker Gondola -hovercraft 47 Q-Branch/James Bond Glastron CV23HT hydrofoil boat Q-Branch/James Bond Used by Bond to locate Hugo Drax 's Amazon river source for the deadly nerve gas Glastron SSV-189 speedboats Drax Enterprises Used by Drax henchmen during the Amazon river chase For Your Eyes.The Internet Movie Database.
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