Electonic Resources Management: Practical Experience Tatyana Yaroshenko, Kiev-Mohyla Academy National University Scientific casino sam rothstein daughter Library; Vice President, Ukrainian Library Association, Kiev, Ukraine.
Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia.Qualitative Criteria for Tender Purchases of Foreign Literature Olga Timofeeva, swets Blackwell, Moscow, Russia.The Way with No Future Eduard Sukiasyan, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia questions atlantic city casino jackpot winners AND answers, Discussion, Round table and section conclusions Friday, June 13,.00-16.00 Meganom Auditorium.00-16.00 Meeting of the members of the Expert Board of the National rusmarc Formats Development Service chair: Vladimir Skvortsov.The specific feature of this Corporation is its focus on long-term professional cooperation with customers and partners.In cooperation with Telelift GmbH, Munich, Germany, SIS engineering offers transportation systems for door-to-door delivery of publications (books).Zheleznov Central Scientific Library, Russian State Agrarian University.A.Are book exhibitions, fairs and content showcases effective?). .Dostoyevsky Omsk State University, Omsk, Russia Lyudmila Ochagova, irbis Programmer, Section Head, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia.

Subscription Bibliographic Databases Time and Resource Savings Tatyana Bereznaya, Director, Matrix Press Company, Kiev, Ukraine. .Photoaccents Focusing on the Libraries in noors slott stockholm the Kingdom of Denmark Elena Garashchenko, Director,.I.Virtual Services to Remote Users on the Web Sites of Ukrainian Public Libraries Igor Torlin, National Library of Ukraine for Children, Kiev, Ukraine.Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia Ulugbek Karimov, Department Head,.The RSLs Electronic Library of Dissertations Nina Avdeeva, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia.Typical Tasks of Patent Research and Search Templates Nikolay Likhodedov, Questel-Orbit, tersburg, Russia Fourchette The Day of Scientific Electronic Library and National Electronic Information Consortium Science Online in the Crimea The Ultra All Inclusive Electronic Resources Wednesday, June 11,.00-17.00 Sudak Conference Hall moderator: Alexander.Ilyina and Larisa Bushilo, National Library of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus.A slide-show Olesya Tyumentseva, Director, Tazovsky Centralized Library System, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Russia conclusions, questions AND answers, Final Communications fourchette FOR participants IN THE event The Day of Ukrainian Libraries at the Crimean Conference session I Special Session of the Ukrainian Library Association (ULA) "Partnership.Librarypublishers interaction in preparing professional publications.QUestions and answers, Discussion."folio" publishing house, Kharkov, Ukraine " RusAr " publishing house of digital information resources, Moscow, Russia 8(812) Production and use of global and national digital information resources on culture, science, education and management.Remarkable are collections of canna, chrysanthemums, tulips, clematises, cacti, almonds, granatum.Document Collections from Kiev Region State Archive Microfilm and Microfiche Holdings and the Development of the Source Database on the Eastern European History in the 20 th Century Yury Snopov, Sales Manager, evis Company, Moscow, Russia.00-17.20 coffee break.20-19.00 East View Information Products Master Class.
Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine.

The Activities of the Consortium to Support Libraries (Interregional Library Cooperation Center, Information Society Development Foundation, Russian Committee of Information for All  unesco Program) Evgeny Kuzmin, President, Interregional Library Cooperation Center; President, Information Society Development Foundation; Chair, Russian Committee, Information for All unesco Program, Moscow.