Cass' Hat: Has been made playable, and can be removed from her at will.
Loading Screens * Replaced many loading tips with more specific, more helpful New Vegas references.Euclid's C-Finder: Weight reduced.Faction Armors Overhaul * Non-humanoid companions such as Rex, ED-E and Lily won't drop faction armors to the ground anymore.Right-click on the mod file(s) in the Package Manager and delete.Knife Spear Clean: Fixed to really have clean Cosmic Knives on its mesh.0.20, 02/25/2011 - Dead Money support.This procedure is just to make sure your save is updated to be completely fook-free.Primm: The dead Sheriff and Courier will now disappear once the town has been cleaned out and given a new sheriff.If you have nvse, just press (for at least a second) to open the proper menu.Mojave Outpost: A Van Graff Sales Representative has just opened a low-level Energy Weapons shop in the unoccupied Brahmin pen.Also, it now correctly gives DT instead.Khans armors will now makes you friendly with the Fiends.
Note that if you install the official DLCs in the future, you'll need these two files, so you will have to redownload/reinstall the "fook v1-13 ESM and ReadMes" archive.
Cowboy: Damage bonuses reduced from 25.

Old World Blues * Playable Lobotomite race.Recipes needing raw meat will now require a Steak instead.Gun Runners' Arsenal * Some of the Arsenal's Unique weapons have changed location - you either have to buy them from other vendors (Esther, Medicine Stick, Li'l Devil, Two-Step Goodbye) or you must find them through exploration (Embrace of the Mantis King!, MF Hyperbreeder Alpha.Vodka's dehydration is also ignored.Boone: Can't be stripped naked anymore (sorry ladies).Dawes: Won't shoot you after you pay your way into the ncrcf when wearing a Powder Ganger outfit.FormLists * All the FormLists were updated to contain the proper items.NPCs talks with an echo and there is heavy outdoor lag: You must open the Fallout_i file mentioned above and make sure that the "bEnableEnviroEffectsOnPC" line is set to zero, and then open the Game Launcher to actually update the i that.If yes, enter the vendor's shop and, without interacting with anyone, save and quit your game.If yes, use their own Inventory Sorter, as the one in fook is disabled when detecting Project Nevada.1.00, 12/23/2011 - Release version of fook.0.04, - Many new items, creation of the fook BSA file, ReadMe properly broken up into three text files.Creatures * Cazadors: Attack range value upped to be slightly less than the original.0 one, but more than the edited.4 one.Hope you will enjoy.
Renamed a lot of items for coherence and sorting purposes.