This was under the west playground area.
Built within the gun positions of Lord Howard's Battery a super shot of the chequerboard paint work on Plymouth's Breakwater Fort, so painted so it would not be shot it by mistake by our own fleet and own coastal batteries, so an early hi-vis job!
Then on to Canada, train ride, then Grand Canyon a shot of a Super Connie airliner.Most of these cultures were self-limiting.No thumbnails for a great little film, 1950s era set at Marlow in England.HMS Cambridge is seen here in summer 1999.When I saw the original feature film I found it funny, thinking it was all actors.Some more photos of No 2 MRU at RAF Collaton Cross are seen here.Most such explosions separate THE resultant remnant stars.Imagine how it would be, Nemoto said grimly, to inhabit a world in the path of such a wave.Some of the scripting is so intense - how unlike cbbc etc today!L to R is Picklecombe Fort the Breakwater Fort, The Royal Albert casino pisanelli Bridge in 1878 Rame Church.Then here we have a specific look on how the Victory in Europe 50th anniversary was celebrated on Plymouth Hoe.1.2.A 1920s view here of the small harbour at Bovisands.Then there are words "they are in love" "kiss me darling" "victory, we will win" "Plymouth warship week" "bride of the naafi." a sketch of a raiding eagle, remains of toys, sandbags, anti-gas curtains, paper posters commanding "no smoking, no dogs" there was fear that.Also trying to trace the Jeffery family in Essex or Saffron Walden the Campbell family from Maidenhead.
Similar here from the roof of the tall flat blocks in Devonport, again almost aerial, so much has changed.
It seems now it was not the case.

The Cattewater and Friary railway is seen here in late 1980s.note the Class 47 loco almost where Smyths toys no deposit 20 bonus are now.Plymouth Navy Days, 1960's adverts Wartime comics CD plymouth breakwater CD Plymouth Paper Shopping bag Art of the 1970 s Plymouth Shopping bag Art of the 1970 s Volume 2 Plymouth Sound and its Warships in World War 2 many rare photos of warships.Passing across the equator.Aerials, 1980 of Forder St Stephens, Saltash the Eddystone Lighthouse are here.These oldie worldie petrol pumps were in use in Crediton, Devon in 1986. .Was arrested in the open air by Police over the summer while looking for wartime heritage in the Plymouth urban area.My case rests your honour I don't mean the Plymouth Lord Mayor.In 1977 it was the Queen's Silver Jubilee.Dr Who is becoming a "genre" so in years to come he will still be about like Sherlock Holmes.a HS Trident 3 at Heathrow, also the first High Speed Train into Plymouth Railway Station, finally some film of Plymouth City Centre, Milehouse, the fish quay - trawlers and Drake Circus/Harvest Home - boys from Sutton High School in about 1971.Now we are off to the huge semi-underground air raid shelter at Hyde Park School Plymouth.Its a haunting moody documentary.A record here of the civilian deaths of the WW2 Plymouth Blitz.See large selection above as Stop Press Extra June 2008.
Predicted also was the ring of larke "Space Elevators" surely spotted - but not mentioned around one of these harvested worlds.
I have labeled them all as Collection.