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From there I turned in the quest, only to find one that led me to another quest hub.
Speak to Galen Besk, defeat Imperial Saboteurs, speak to Mayor Airen.On Balmorra, for example, you'll finish out the planet and head to the spaceport, only for a poker cash game strategy live familiar NPC from the world arc to approach you and say something along the lines of "Did you think you were leaving the planet so soon?" I honestly.Veteran Player, events and Conquests, group Finder Operations, april 22, 2019.Complete Endangered Passengers for Daven Tam.Balmorra Bonus Series 1, minimum Level: 29, speak to Gabe Dovaro.From Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki.BioWare has brought their signature kuinka laskea casino voittomahdollisuus RPG storytelling talents to the MMO genre with.Speak to Bareesh the Hutt, speak to IK-4C, complete Art of Interrogation for Uli Zhensi.Thinking one more quest wouldn't take long I foolishly accepted.April 26, 2019, april 27, 2019, april 28, 2019.
And they only led to more quest hubs with more heroic AND NON heroic quests.
There is a lot of nifty reasons to return to a planet and complete the heroic missions, but most of all it's a neat way to help you level, especially on the free-to-play mode where you might not be getting that much experience.

Many of my friends who just started out with the game have heard several of us on Balmorra moaning and groaning about the planet and couldn't really understand why.Please Do Not Post: Exploits.The way it's presented to the player, at least to me, almost seems like an intentional way of trying to annoy: "Oh, you thought you were done here?" "Not quite!".Republic, taris Bonus Series, minimum Level: 12, speak to Governor Saresh.In June of 2009, Michael joined m as the site's Community Manager.Finally I was down to the last series of quest involving the bugs from Starship troopers.
That is, until you're ready to leave the planet.

These are what BioWare calls their Star Wars: The Old Republic's "Bonus Series" quests, or as I like to call them, Star Wars: The Old Republic's "Troll Series" quests.