PL: How much time do you spend in Europe?
And much, much more!Grab Alec's video course: 4-Step Poker casino holdem poker nasl oynanr The book Alec mentioned that had a big impact on him: Fooled by Randomness My blog post: The 3 biggest entrepreneurial lessons I learned playing online poker professionally.Life as one of the best poker players in the world.More specifically, ON this episode OF THE unleash yourself podcast with Alec Torelli, youll learn: Why Alec dropped out of college to pursue playing poker professionally and how he knew it was the right decision.I mean, theres so much luck and variance in these events.A player, a poker coach and a travel and lifestyle blogger, Torelli is on the road 250 days a year with his wife and wouldn't change a thing.My wife and I have an online business that can travel with us so we can spend 250 days a year on the road.How to deal with the emotional roller that comes with being a poker player (or an entrepreneur!) and how to keep a level head and make the right decisions no matter what.Traheho used a betting tell for Perky to chipdump to him because the businessman was watching the match and they needed to be sly about.
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He's probably out of the country spending that 150K somewhere mojojo, 05:08 PM # 4, americaRules banned, join Date: spaz 2 faction bonuses Dec 2011, posts:.Cashes, lifetime total 586,171, biggest cash 288,001, number of cashes 87, average cash 6,738, latest post, we have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.How to structure your life in order to succeed and stay ambitious when you're your own boss, have all the freedom and time in the world, and could easily give into temptation to chose fun over work.What happened when the game briefly passed Alec by and he had to move down in stakes because he couldn't win in the biggest games anymore.Hatsoff2u, 05:08 PM # 3 mojojo16 old hand, join Date: Dec 2009, posts: 1,777.AmericaRules, 05:00 PM # 2 hatsoff2u enthusiast, join Date: Feb 2011, posts:.Its just not my thing.Since being introduced to the game at 16 Torelli has gone on to become one of the game's best online players and frequented some of the biggest cash-game action the world has to offer.Older Post 056: How To Become An Entrepreneur and Create Your Own Life (featuring Jeremy Ryan Slate).AT: I spend about four or five months a year here.RRizGod, 08:33 PM # 25 smellmuth Pooh-Bah Join Date: Nov 2005 Location: gdtrfb Posts: 3,954 Re: Alec Traheho allegedly helped steal 150,000 according to Viffer, wont respond to accusatio smellmuth « Previous Thread Next Thread » Posting Rules You may not post new threads You.Check OUT these links: Website: m, check out Alec's, channel.I first connected with Alec over Instagram back in February and we instantly followed each other purely based to how much we saw we had in common with one another.Ganaram, 07:57 PM # 19 Kingandtheduck veteran Join Date: Jun 2011 Posts: 2,050 Re: Alec Traheho allegedly helped steal 150,000 according to Viffer, wont respond to accusatio Kingandtheduck, 08:02 PM # 20 eyescrew Carpal 'Tunnel Join Date: Mar 2008 Location: Irrational Lakers lover Posts: 11,563.I like going to events that are about more than just poker and coming to Barcelona in spring is just paradise.How Alec went about learning the skills he needed to become world class at a card game and how anyone can reach an elite level at something that involves a learnable skill.
And I love Barcelona.
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