D20 stopping puzzle Roll a d20, and collect the value value shown, or pay to roll again?
Rotagrams, anagrams made by rotating letters.
November 2016 Grazing in a circular field How long a rope do you need to allow a goat to graze half a circular field, if it is tethered to the circumference?Wire Gauges Why do wire gauge numbers go up as wires get thinner?CES 2014 Notes from my visit to the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, in Las Vegas.June 2018 Lucys Secret Number puzzle How can you determine Lucys secret number when you only overhear part of her conversation?September 2016 Poker Odds What is the relationship between the chances of a poker hand occuring and its rank?Customer Service Why good customer service so important these days.How do I do it?May 2014 DataGenetics Greatest Hits I've been writing my blog for three and a half years.March 2017 Cake cutting What's the best way to cut a cake into eight equal sized pieces?March 2013 February 2013 No 'L' quiz Can you solve these puzzles by making new words through keno 10 taso 4 oikein the removal of the letter 'L' January 20otes from my visit to the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.Will laws have to change?January 2012 December 2011 Battleship Mathematical analysis of algorithms to play Battleship November 2011 September 20 June 20pril 20tonal Pi day Can you find a bitmap of Pi in Pi?August hotel kasino international durgapur 2016 Lagrange Points Orbital mechanics, and Lagrange Points (things most physics text books get wrong).December 2010 Spot the connection What do all these famous scientists and engineers have in common?March 2014 Roller Coasters Why are the loops on roller coasters never circular?June 20pril 2017 Cake cutting part 2 Revisiting the best way to cut a cake into eight equal sized pieces.
QR Codes How do QR codes work?
Sock Puzzle Revisited What is the probability of pulling out matching pairs of socks from a drawer in darkness?

Poincaré conjecture Poincaré conjecture, Topology, million dollar prize and pretty pictures.Poor Customer Service Why do companies not understand how poor customer service, whilst seemingly advantageous in the short term, is damaging in the long term?Chuck-a-Luck Analysis of the odds on this classic casino game.Optimal Rope Swing Where should you let go of a rope swing to get the furthest distance into a lake?August 2013 YubiKey Dual factor authentication.Self Driving Cars Will self-driving cars enable vaalimaan kasino jerks?September 2014 Jello and Lasers If you shine a laser through a grid of Jello cubes, how many does it pass through?TEDx Seattle I will be speaking at TEDx Seattle on June 23rd 2013.Kids blocks and Calculus!December 2013 Mind Reading Card Trick Can your computer read your mind and make a card you were thinking about disappear?Here are the top ten most read articles (per year).April 2015 Geometry Puzzle What are the dimensions of an inscribed rectangle with the same area as an inscribed equilateral triangle?Gerrymandering How the manipulation of boundaries can adjust voting outcomes.CES 2015 Notes from my visit to the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.
Golf Balls How much does the addition of dimples adjust the Volume and Surface Area of golf balls?
NSA Easter Egg Puzzle A puzzle to determine the better strategy to hunt for Easter Eggs in sealed boxes.

June 2015 Space Needle Climb I'm climbing the Seattle Space Needle to raise money for cancer research.