A level 92 recruit can grant levels to get the veteran up to level.
The 90 days starts from the day the R-A-F invitation is accepted, not ilmaiskierrokset ilman talletusta syyskuu 2016 when the account is upgraded, so be certain when the link ends.Mounts: Swift Zhevra, X-53 Touring Rocket, Heart of the Nightwing, Emerald Hippogryph, and Cindermane Charger Pets: Golden Pig Coin, Silver Pig Coin, Enchanted Jade, and the Enchanted Purple Jade Related Blizzard posts Recruit A Friend Program Offers New Rewards 19:00 Blizzard Entertainment The Recruit.Choose one mount or pet and click, claim Reward to have the pet or mount item delivered to your bags.References See also External links.Note : Both players must be on the same realm and faction for the following bonuses to work.The 44 grantable level limit applies to each character on the recruited account.After the 90-day link period passes, both players will stop receiving these benefits and any ungranted levels will be lost.The summoned character must be level 89 or below and on the same realm as the summoner.The XP bar remains the same in the new level, so a good strategy is to gain experience on the veteran character until they are.
This would continue to increase with each new expansion release, being changed to the previous expansion's level cap,.g.

Enter your friend's email address, and a custom message if desired.If your bags are full, the item will be sent to your in-game mailbox.The character receiving the levels may decline the grant when prompted and then nothing happens.Note : Unclaimed levels are not moved during a character copy or transfer.View original post Trivia RaF used to last only until level.Friend Summoning, linked players can summon each other once every 30 minutes if their characters are on the same realm and faction.If youre eligible to claim a mount or pet, youll see a notification that youve earned a Recruit A Friend reward.Both the recruit and the recruiter can summon each other while partied.Note : Credit card and PayPal subscriptions do not bill until after the account has used up all available game time (including free time from the promotion).
The veteran can start a level 1 character and receive free levels from multiple recruits up to the RaF cap, as seen here.
Recruit-A-Friend Changes in Full, the XP boost has been reduced from 200 bonus to 50 bonus effective today, January 22, 2018.